Executive Coaching for

People of Color and

Immigrant Professionals

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Hi, I’m Meghna Majmudar. I’m an executive coach for people of color and immigrant professionals. I help these leaders play the game in a way that changes the game.

I want you to know that you not only have the permission to do this, you are The Permission.

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Why ‘The Permission?

The path to success seems clear: work hard, go to the right school, work hard, get the right job, work hard, get that promotion, marry the right person, raise good kids. Oh, and continue to work hard. And while you’re at it, play hard, too.

But in this march towards “success,” it seems like we lost something meaningful to each of us—a sense of significance. A sense that our work matters and we, as individuals, matter.

We’ve definitely made others proud, we’ve felt proud ourselves. We are a group of “only’s” and “first’s”—the first to attend college in the US, the only person of color in a boardroom or class or program. So you know you matter…but there is still a question underneath knowing all that.

Is this really what ‘fulfilling your potential’ is? Could there be more?

Because this “success” formula only seems to be good enough to get you to the middle—and no further. And while other people think you’ve already reached the peak, you know there is further and higher for you. But you are navigating systems and structures and workplaces that weren’t built for you, your sovereignty, your autonomy, your work. They were built, in many ways, to take advantage of you.

Real wealth, real power, real significance in your life require different actions and choices—and many that will feel unnatural and go against what you’ve learned so far.  You also know that if it’s only about success, it’s never going to mean much.

This is about getting real about your  significance.

Significance is legacy, meaning, your purpose on earth —

And fulfilling all of that without compromising your life, your body, your health.

Success is only a milestone on your path to significance.

Let’s go there.
You have the Permission. Scratch that.
You ARE the Permission—
because once you start playing the game for significance,
you will change the game, for all those who are coming up after you.
Let’s go there, together.



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